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The Infinite Embrace

The Ouroboros Project

- 2014 -

The Infinite Embrace or, The Ouroboros Project came about as a result of another project – The Easter Project (2012) - that was born of the germ of an idea (in the mind of my friend, Matt Perry, who also took charge of the entire technical side of things for that first project and has continued to support work throughout this latest project too) and grew into a multimedia project, an art exhibition and ultimately, the first of a series of projects, of which The Infinite Embrace is the second.

The Easter Project or, Clinging to the Curves of a Questionmark was created, in the first place, for Holy Week services at Blackhorse Road Baptist Church in Walthamstow, London, and explored Biblical typology and the stories leading up to the Passion of Christ, as well as the better-known Easter story. It was also, though, a reflection on the questions – the fact that there are so many of them, and that sometimes, exploring them is as important as finding the answers… Perhaps more so.

Following on from this, and as a reflection of my own personal journeying through questions and the answers people give and have given to them – stories, ideas and the way the world around us seems to echo, or perhaps suggest, these stories - I decided to embark on a second project.

Both the sequel to and a departure from The Easter Project, The Ouroboros Project explores a much wider collection of stories and the similarities between them - the way they all seem to echo the same underlying themes and the way these theological and mythological themes are further echoed everywhere we turn, in science and philosophy and the natural world.

I hope you enjoy exploring these themes with me, through The Infinite Embrace.


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