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forget gazelles and doves and goats

and imagine the tempestuous sea -

the essence of humanity riding

on the rising crests of ocean waves,

hair choppy as the salted breeze.

Your eyes are not doves, my love.

they’re eagles and peacocks and the pyrotechnics of the phoenix

- they’re strength and colour and the promise of rebirth.

I watch your mouth when you speak

and drink words from your lips

to soak into my soul and hold you absolutely.

If I could be carved from the belly of Earth,

I’d make myself valleys and mountains -

a bowl -

deep and wide enough to hold you forever and set you free

to flow and transform and always return

as water does.

You’re Eve and Lilith and every woman ever born

and your strong and soft and warm have taken me entirely.

I’m undone.

You ride into my dreams on the back of a song

and the taste of you illicit on my tongue

lingers into waking.

Wisdom rises in the morning and reins me in.

My body becomes a vessel of desire

- A daffodil bulb dreaming in the dark

and imagining Spring.

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