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Forest and Outdoor Active Sessions

Arciemme Active goes Al Fresco!

Arciemme Active Forest Sessions

beginning on the first Friday in January 2017.

It's official!!

Starting on 6th January, I will be taking forest walk and run sessions, starting and finishing at the Butler's Retreat on Chingford Road, on Friday mornings during term time.

Initially, I'll be running (excuse the pun!) two sessions.

(1) Walk For All

I anticipate this session including people who might be less used to a very brisk pace, and which will therefore be a fairly slow-paced walk. It will include a little bit of a dynamic warm-up stretch, but nothing too intense, and the aim of it will primarily be to facilitate everyone who wants to, to get out and get active.

(2) Not-Quite-Beginners' Run

This will be aimed at people who are used to jogging/running and know that they're usually able to run without stopping for 30-40 minutes, but it will be a run-for-fun session, paced according to the slower members of the group each week, rather than a fast-paced training session. (This might be useful for slightly quicker runners who are trying to keep their "long, slow duration" runs slower and need to train their bodies to feel that slower pace!)


£5 per person, per session

Discounts and Concessions

Two sessions on one day: 25% discount = total fee for two sessions on the same day: £7.50

NUS card holders, Senior Citizens and people in receipt of disability benefits, Job Seekers' Allowance and Income Support: £3.50 per person

Family Group: Two adults and up to four children under 16 = £12

Bring-a-friend: £3.50 each

Children: Under 5s go free

5-11: £1

12-15: £1.50

NB: ALL children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

If these sessions take off, I hope to set up at least two more sessions in the near future, including a much brisker walking workout and a beginner's running group.

I'm hoping that these sessions will happen in all but the most extreme weather conditions, so come prepared with your waterproofs... But I'm also hoping that we will have lots of glorious sunshine!

If you're interested in coming along, please let me know. Although you can just turn up on the day without booking, it would be really helpful to have some names, numbers and contact details (which will always be kept private and will only ever be used for the purpose of contacting you about these specific events - incase I'm unable to run a session, for example, and need to let you know.)

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested, including local groups, doctors' surgeries and social media groups.

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