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The Infinite Embrace

The Ouroboros Project - 2014

The Art Installation

The E17 Art Trail - June 2014

The Salvation Army

434 Forest Rd


Access information: The venue has a flight of steps, but pushchairs can be left securely in the downstairs hall.

The Ouroboros Multimedia Project (The Infinite Embrace) is the sequel to The Easter Multimedia Project (The Big Picture Project/exhibition) that was a part of the Art Trail in 2012.

Through the media of art, narrative and music, it looks at recurring themes in nature, human experience, myths, legends, religion and the Circle of Life.

The exhibition will contain works painted for the multi-media project, an audio guide, a movie, activities for all the family and a booklet (sold at a discounted price) that will serve as guide and souvenir. There will also be an opportunity to buy original artworks and merchandise, with a percentage of the profits going to charity.

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