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Sports Fan

By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

“I love my sport,” said Henry,

“I am an action man.

I love the tennis, football too

And I’m a rugby fan.

I love the London marathon,

I love the Tour de France,

The badminton is just my thing,

And so is modern dance.

I keep my self quite up to date

With scores and leagues and so,

If there’s a sporting question,

Ask me – I’m sure to know.”

I looked at him, uncertain,

Unsure of what to say,

As Henry sat in front of me,

His dinner on a tray,

The chips and sausage piled high,

His feet upon a stool,

The television showing clear

A huge Olympic pool.

“I see you like to watch it,”

I said, “that much is clear,

So do you often get to play?”

He took a swig of beer.

“Oh no!” he said, “Of course I don’t –

I’m much too busy see,

With watching all the different stuff

That’s shown on the TV.

Besides, if I am honest,

I’m not quite fit enough

To get up off the sofa

And run about and stuff.”

I looked again at Henry

And realised it was true.

He knew an awful lot about

The sports he’d never do,

But I was more for action,

I didn’t want to sit

Just sitting watching Henry

Watching others keeping fit.

I said good-bye to Henry

And went to find my mate,

Played football, basketball and raced

Til it was getting late.

I’m glad I’m not like Henry.

I know he knows a bit,

But personally I’d rather be

Outside and keeping fit.

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