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Sports in Space

By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

We’re watching from behind the glass,

Our microphones in place,

To commentate upon this year’s

Olympics, out in space.

The basketball has started now,

The hoops are standing tall,

Don’t shoot too hard in outer space –

You’ll only lose the ball!

To left of us, the javelins

Are being thrown, you’ll see

They’ll travel miles, they always do

When there’s no gravity.

The high jump’s getting underway.

The scariest of all.

There’s always one who jumps too high

And won’t come back at all.

I love our great Olympics

In starry outer space,

The way that zero-gravity

Makes running every race

So simple and so graceful,

But there’s one thing I fear,

That one day all our athletes will

Drift off and disappear!

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