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The Last of the Old...

Yesterday, I re-posted the first of two exerpts from my WordPress blog. This one will be the second - and the last. The last of my old posts. From hereon in, we're on new territory. Here there be dragons... ;-)

Image: "Dragon's Breath" by Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

Image: "Breath of Life" By Ruth Calder Murphy

I’m About Breathing

My then three-year-old daughter and I were sitting together at home when she looked at me and said, “Mummy, what are you about?”

I was slightly startled by the question, and before launching into a reply,I asked her what she meant by it. She just repeated the question. I asked her how she would answer the same question for herself and she said she didn’t know.

I try never to leave a question unconsidered, nor to fob off my childrenwith platitudes, so I went away and considered. This is my answer. At least, it’s part of my answer—an answer that will flow and change…

I’m About Breathing

- By Ruth Calder Murphy -


I’m about breathing

and knowing the breath is mine -

even when it’s knocked out of me

by the fury of the dance.

I’m about feeling

and owning how the feeling feels.

I’m about knowing

and not knowing

and unknowing;

I’m about flowing

under burnt bridges

from mountains

to valleys,

to the wide ocean

to begin again -

flowing through years…

I’m about smiles

and tears,


and fears.

I’m about believing,


never knowing,

always being…

I’m about life

and living,

which is death

and dying.

I’m about breathing

and knowing the breath is mine.


NB: This is the second in a series of intorductions and poems, taken from my book Spirit Song, which is available to buy via my shared website “Shop” link, here:




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