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Bringing Things Together

I'm going to re-post a couple of blog entries that I originally posted, recently, on my WordPress blog, because it feels good to keep things together in one place.

This post was originally entitled "Cards on the Table".


Image: "Falling Star" By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)


Here I am, back again with a second post, and I thought I’d start by laying my cards – some of them, at any rate – on the virtual table. I think the best way for me to do this is to share some of my poems and introductions from my book, Spirit Song, which can be purchased here:

… So, with no ambiguity in the titles at least,  “I Can Not” and “I Can”.  Enjoy…



I Can Not

I can only be me. This was one of the simplest and yet most profound epiphanies of my life. The dawning upon me that the pressure is off. Not because I won’t be, believe, speak, think as other people suggest, require, demand or preach, but because I cannot be anything but myself – and myself is the best thing, the best person, I can be. There was and is something Divine inthis realisation – that I was made to be me and am fully loved, as Me! In letting go of other people’s hopes, dreams and expectations of and for me, and thereby letting go of worrying about pleasing them all, all the time, I am free to be fully myself and to realise the Divinity within me…

Funnily and wonderfully enough, I please just as many people in simply being me as I ever did by trying to please everyone… And I’ve also discovered how wonderful it is to be accepted and loved for who I really am.


 I Can Not

- By Ruth Calder Murphy -


I cannot be


- or anyone -

but me.

I cannot do



I’m expected to.

I cannot believe

because you believe

or because

I used to believe

or because it would

bring ease

or make the bullies leave

me alone.

I cannot speak

just to please;

I cannot speak lies

though the truth

may cause unease

and surprise.

I cannot live

your chosen life

or prepare for your

preferred death,

I cannot dance your dance

- though it be beautiful -

or sing your song

- though it be wonderful -

I cannot walk your path -

even when it takes you

away from me,

even when we disagree,

even if I lose you completely…

I cannot dream your dreams;

my dreams are enough for me.

I can only be

the best me I can be

and true…

and you be the best you

and, if we do,

our different dances

will make choreography,

our paths


our cannots

will become “Will Be”

and then,


we shall be free.



I Can

- By Ruth Calder Murphy -


I can be me.

I am alive

and free,

I am not caged -

I can fly;

I have the whole sky.

I can do

all that I can do -

and though one little life,

one uncaged flight,

is not enough to do all I will,

yet what I can do

I will do

truly and well.

I can believe

in bigger things -

in Love,

in Spirit things,

in the smile on a mother’s face,

in peace in the secret place,

in Grace.

I can speak

my mind,

my heart,

I can live -

and I

will not die

though my body depart.

I can dance,

I can sing,

I can see beauty

in everything,

I can walk,

I can dream,

I can be.

I am alive;

I am free.






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