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The Monster

By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

This poem is my son Joel's favourite poem from Bubbles in my Hair, so this one's here for him... and you! Perhaps it will be your favourite too.

A monster lives in my wardrobe,

I know it lives in there,

Although I’ve never seen its face,

I feel its hungry stare.

It grumbles and it rumbles

When we are all in bed,

And once I woke and saw, I’m sure,

Its hairy, hungry head.

A monster lives in the toilet.

I know its there, for sure.

Whenever someone pulls the chain,

I hear its angry roar.

It sleeps throughout the daytime

But when the sun goes down,

It wakes and waits for me to go,

To pull the chain and drown.

A monster lives in the shadows,

I know, I feel its breath,

Beneath my dream-filled duvet,

As old and cold as death.

It breathes when I am breathing,

That’s why it sounds so loud,

And waits for me to fall asleep,

To wrap me in its shroud.

The monsters live all around me,

They’re hiding everywhere.

Some people don’t believe me,

But I know they are there.

I see the shadows moving,

I hear the floorboards groan,

And know that in the darkness,

I am not alone.

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