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The Teddy Bears are Dancing

By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

The snow is getting deeper

upon my windowsill

and the teddy bears and snowmen

are all dancing on the hill.

They’re wrapped up warm in mittens

tied on with bits of string

and the teddy bears and snowmen

are still dancing in a ring.

The moon is shining brightly,

so the teddy bears can see,

although it’s after midnight,

where their dancing feet should be.

Father Christmas has just landed

in the centre of the ring.

He’s wearing scarlet ear muffs

and a robe, just like a king.

He’s dancing with the bears now

whilst the snowmen keep the beat.

I must say, for he’s age,

he’s very nimble on his feet!

The snow is even deeper

and they’re running out of breath,

so they’ve jumped into a big balloon

to fly off home to rest.

I’m sad to see them go away,

but I am sleepy too,

so I’ll go to bed myself, and dream

of dancing in the snow.

The next time snow is falling,

they’ll all be back once more

to dance the night away

upon the soft, white, snowy floor

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