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Ruth Calder Murphy's collection of poetry and short stories, "Wings of a Thousand Tigers".
Your copy will come signed, with or without a personal message, as requested on purchase.
"An eclectic collection of short stories and poetry, Wings of a Thousand Tigers explores Time, Eternity, Mother Nature, Serendipity and the possibility of Divinity. Dark and light in equal measure, it's like reading a rainbow."

  Ruth Calder Murphy's newest book Wings of a Thousand Tigers is a small repository for every good thing! This is a book that will inspire, make you smile, and leave you longing for more. Poetry, story, and original artwork come together in this book as a trilogy of delight, a trinity of perfect literary offering.
  Ms. Calder Murphy has a way of splashing colour onto every word she pens, even those that hold the most angst are painted beautifully with the spectrum of life itself. Yes, this is a book that you will read with your eyes and mind but one that you will carry with your soul. This treasure will change you, you will be transformed by it."
What would you like Ruth to write in your signed copy?

Wings of a Thousand Tigers

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