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Children's Art Gallery

"Away With The Faeries" By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

This picture is called "Away with the Faeries". I painted it in 2012. I love the way the light falls across the picture - it

reminds me of Summer. That's why I chose it to be the main picture on this site.

"Kicking Leaves" By Ruth Calder Murphy (Aricemme)

This painting is called "Kicking Leaves". It's a portrait of my daughter, Esther Grace, in the Autumn woods, kicking the fallen leaves. I painted this one in 2011.

"The Owl and the Moon" By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

I love owls - especially barn owls. I also love moonlight and the combination is magical!

This is a small painting I did just before Christmas in 2013. It reminds me of watching owls when I was a little girl and hearing them hoot in the trees outside when I was going to sleep.

All Wrapped Up - By Ruth Calder Muprhy (Arciemme)

This is a fun portrait of my three children, all wrapped up for Winter! I painted it in 2012.

"Fire!" - By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

This is a painting I did for my little boy, Joel. The original is quite big and is hanging on his bedroom wall.

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