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Bubbles in my Hair

By Ruth Calder Murphy (Arciemme)

Bubbles here, bubbles there,

bubbles, bubbles in my hair;

they fizz and foam inside my brain

then burst or float away again.

There inside my head they’re born,

bright and colourful they form,

take me with them as they rise

up and out, beyond the skies.

Out to where the planets spin

and distant stars are heard to sing,

where velvet darkness fills the space

between each far-off, shining place.

Then back to blue-green earth I fly

and see the bubbles multiply -

Foaming from my busy brain

they take me with them once again.

Bubbles here, bubbles there,

colour bursting everywhere,

All around my head they rise,

up my nose and in my eyes,

They take me with them, far away

where daydreams dance and prance and play.

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.

I love those bubbles in my hair.

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