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Wings of a Thousand Tigers

Wings of a Thousand Tigers is a slim volume (76 pages) made up of poetry and short stories, with a few black-and-white illustrations in the middle of the book. It's an eclectic collection, but hangs together as a progression from the first poem, "Incipit" to the last, "The Dance" as a journey, of sorts.

Perfect as a gift.


Ruth Calder Murphy's newest book Wings of a Thousand Tigers is a small repository for every good thing! This is a book that will inspire, make you smile, and leave you longing for more. Poetry, story, and original artwork come together in this book as a trilogy of delight, a trinity of perfect literary offering.

Ms. Calder Murphy has a way of splashing colour onto every word she pens, even those that hold the most angst are painted beautifully with the spectrum of life itself. Yes, this is a book that you will read with your eyes and mind but one that you will carry with your soul. This treasure will change you, you will be transformed by it.

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