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My Poetry on YouTube

Videos of my poetry, with original artwork and music

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To read some of my writing, visit my reading room, or click the links below.

As with almost all the writers you'll ever hear from on the subject, I've "always" written. Always, obviously, being ever since I could write.

Sometimes, the ideas flow so quickly that I feel almost as though I'm drowning in them. As quickly as I write, there are always more and more words tripping over themselves to be released.

Mostly, I write poems. Sometimes, stories come too, and I write them. Every so often, the stories are bigger than usual and so, I write novels.

If you visit my Amazon writer's page, or my "shop" page on this site, you'll see that I've written quite a few books. Most of them are poetry books. Two are novels, which I wrote in collaboration with my friend Mathew Taylor and one is a collection of short stories and poetry.

I'm currently working on a couple more novels and several more collections.

For more information on any of my books or writing projects, or to discuss freelance writing services, please contact me using the contact form, or send me an email to:

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