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Dance of Days


Dance of Days By Ruth Calder Murphy

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"Ruth Calder Murphy has done it again with another volume of her exquisite poetry, following Ghost Dance and Sun Dance.Beyond mere poetry, we are given gifts; the gifts of time and story. Cut down any grand old oak and you will find those concentric rings that tell the story of the tree’s life - narrow rings that echo the year of drought, imperfect rings that tell of the year of the fires, and of course thick perfect circles when the tree was happy and well. In the same manner, Ghost Dance, Ms. Calder Murphy’s first volume, spanned about fifteen years whilst Ghost Dance accounts for about 18 months of her life. Dance of Days, like the rings of the oak tree getting smaller as it gets closer to the heart of the tree, reflects a six month period of time, but one that is so much more personal, so much closer to the heart of the poet. This collection will also speak to your heart, as Ms. Calder Murphy does what she does best - transforming the ordinary into the glorious and complex emotions into something every reader will relate to. Come. Let us dance together again!"

ISBN: 9781784070595

Total Pages: 242

Published: 14 October 2013

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